Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 2008 Reading Recap

  • Total number of books for the month: 7
  • Total number of books for 2008: 24
  • Total number of pages: 1989
  • Total number of pages for 2008: 7,183
  • Number of fiction: 6
  • Number of nonfiction: 0
  • Poetry: 1
  • YA Literature: 1
  • Reading challenge books: 3
  • Book club/discussion group books: 1
  • Arcs: 0
  • Books reviewed: 7 (links are to the original reviews)

The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley

Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Native Guard by Natasha Trethewey


Iliana said...

Looks like you had a great reading month. I read 7 books too. Yay. Now, just have hundreds more waiting in my unread stacks - ha,ha...

Andi said...

Looks like a great month to me! Congrats.

Lisa said...

iliana, yeah I know what you mean. Seven is a pitiful number when you look at the stacks waiting to be read. Oh well, if only I could figure out a way to get someone to pay me to read, then I'd have it made! :)

andi, thank you very much. Seven is a decent number, but not enough if I'm ever going to make a dent in the tbr stacks.