Monday, July 21, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, what can I say? Things didn't quite work out the way I planned for my weekend. It started with a sinus headache that lasted from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Yeah, it got better just in time to go back to work on Monday morning. However, feeling like crap still wouldn't have kept me from reading. But, a few other things kind of got in the way. Friday evening I went to dinner with some friends and got home kind of late. Since my head was hurting, I just took some ibuprofen and went to bed. Saturday morning, I got up and had to help my son get the rest of his stuff ready for the trip. Yes, he's 18 and should have had everything together, but he didn't. We had to go to the store and pick up some travel size toiletries and a few things. They were supposed to be leaving at noon. We had about an hour until time for them to leave, so instead of going back home we walked downtown.

On the third Saturday in July every year, we have Farmer's Day. I know it probably sounds like I live in Hicksville, USA, but it's actually a really nice little street festival (except for the fact that it is ALWAYS the hottest day of the year). There are street vendors selling their wares -- beautiful handmade crafts, jewelry, food, etc. There is also a big emphasis on fresh local produce - thus the name. They also have a lot of things for kids -- jumping tents, trains, and all sorts of games. There is also an exhibition of old cars and tractors, and the politicians are out in force giving out freebies in exchange for your vote. Any way, after spending an hour down there in all that heat, I was wiped out when I got the boys off. I went home and laid down for a bit and did read a little, but not on the porch. I was staying in the house with the ac, thank you very much.

Well, I still had plenty of weekend to read at that point. husband got up (he's working nights) early, and we went to look at motorcycles. I need to explain something here. My husband is the greatest man on the planet. He has always put himself last and made sure that me and the boys always had what we needed. So, imagine my surprise when out of the blue a couple months ago he started talking about wanting a motorcycle. He has never had any desire for one before, and he's always hated spending money (especially on himself). So, I was more than a little shocked. However, he deserves to have something for himself. So, he's been looking and looking and talking and talking. Finally, he was ready to put some money down on a motorcycle Saturday. So, I spent the rest of the day Saturday in a dealership. He should get to pick it up some time later in the week. The only bad thing is that he wants me to ride it with him. I'm a little bit of a chicken when it comes to things like this. I usually like to play things safely. But, I picked out a helmet, and I guess I'll have to ride it with him some. I just asked him to remember how supportive I'm being when the time comes for me to have my own midlife crisis.

That brings us to Sunday. I forgot that I was signed up to keep the nursery on Sunday morning. So, I went to church and took care of some of the cutest babies and toddlers. Have I mentioned how much I miss having little ones around? After church, I went to lunch with my parents and got home around 2:00. At this point, my head felt as if it were ready to explode. So, I took four more ibuprofen and went to bed. I got up around 4:30 just in time to answer the phone. It was my parents asking if I wanted to go to the nursing home with them to see my grandma. Sure -- how could I say no? So, we go visit my grandmother and then go eat supper. This leaves me getting home around 7:30 Sunday evening. By this point, I was feeling better. So I finally read Light in August until about 10:30. I didn't finish it, but hopefully I'll finish it today. We'll see how it goes. I've already taken a couple ibuprofen this morning to ward off any sign of a headache.

I guess this should teach me that you can't plan the perfect reading weekend. It just has to happen. So, I'll look forward to a nice surprise some time in the future when all of the stars align just so, and I end up with a weekend to myself with the perfect weather and a stack of books. Oh yeah, I said I would let you know what I decided to read next. I guess I'll read The Chocolate War next so I can stay on track with the Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge.


Andi said...

LOL, sounds just like me when I plan to have a good reading weekend. I had planned a good reading day today, but that fell through. Post forthcoming.

____Maggie said...

Oh, I'm sorry you felt bad this weekend. :( Hope your Monday is better. The "Name your Blues" contest ends today. Maybe, you can get that feeling down in a name and add it to this post for the chance at an autographed copy of Finn by Jon Clnch.

Ravenous Reader said...

Both my mom and I have had the same sinus headache this weekend, and just a general sense of malaise. I think it's the heat and humidity, combined with the air conditioning.

I had to smile at your discussion about your husband and the motorcycle. My friend's husband bought one for himself on their 25 anniversary! And no, she doesn't ride with him!

Hope you feel better :)

Lisa said...

andi, that's usually the way it goes, huh? Looking forward to your post.

maggie, thanks. I'm much better now.

ravenous reader, I think you're right. I think the weather has a lot to do with it. We've only been married 21 years. I certainly hope that doesn't mean that I can look forward to round 2 of the midlife crisis in a couple of years.

Iliana said...

Oh Lisa that is true. Sometimes all you want to do is read but well things happen. Sorry to hear about the sinus headaches. Ugh. I hope you are feeling much better and hey there's always next weekend :)

Lisa said...

iliana, I do feel much better, thanks. I'll just have to be patient and let the right time happen, I guess.