Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Reading Coincidence

I love it when things like this happen. I just finished reading and writing a post about The Sea by John Banville and discussing it through comments with some of you. Now, this morning I come across this book review in which Banville explains the difference between his writing as himself and his writing as Benjamin Black.

Benjamin Black, of course, is Irish novelist - and Man Booker Prize-winner - John Banville. The difference between the two, Banville explained to the LA Weekly in May, is that John Banville writes "first-person narratives of obsessed, half-demented men going on and on and on and on," while Benjamin Black's work is "completely action-driven, and it's dialogue-driven, and it's character-driven."

This describes perfectly the narrator in The Sea. Now, I really need to try one of his mysteries.


Literary Feline said...

I saw an interview with the author last year where he talks about this same thing, along with the reason he decided to write a thriller. It was quite interesting and made me more eager to read something by him.

Lisa said...

literary feline, what was he reason for wanting to write a thriller? I've never quite understood the whole name thing with authors. Why can't one person write in a bunch of different genres?

____Maggie said...

My hubby noticed the difference and thought they had to be two separate writers for he LOVES Black and HATES Banville. :)

Lisa said...

maggie, that's funny. I guess that's one of the reasons they use different names. Your husband probably wouldn't have picked up a mystery by Banville.