Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm not sure exactly what's going on around here these days, but I think I'm in a reading slump. I've been sick and can't seem to shake it. I'm better, but I'm still exhausted by the end of the day and don't sleep very well. I finished The Graveyard Book, which I really liked, and I've started On Agate Hill by Lee Smith. But, I haven't gotten very far into it, at all. I love Lee Smith and the book seems like it's going to be good. But, I put it down before I really got into it, and I haven't been motivated to pick it back up.

Things have been pretty stressful at work, and I usually turn to reading for stress relief, but I've been knitting instead. I don't have to concentrate and the rhythm is quite soothing. So, though I haven't been reading over the last week, I have been knitting. I've finished one pair of socks and am about to finish the first sock in another pair. I'm surprised at how fast socks knit up. I was so intimidated by them in the beginning. Maybe one day if I get up the courage, I'll actually put a picture on here of one of my creations.

My husband and I will be leaving tomorrow morning to spend the day in Seagrove, NC. For those of you who may not know about Seagrove, it's a wonderful little town that is famous for it's pottery. There are numerous shops and galleries within a 5-mile radius of the little downtown area. It's only about an hour's drive, but I've never been. So, I'm pretty excited about that. The weather is really supposed to cool off tomorrow, as well. So, it should be a nice day for walking around. There's also a covered bridge in the area that I want to go see. After our day checking out the pottery, we're going to spend the night at an inn in Pinehurst. This is another little town, except this one is famous for it's golf course. However, we won't be playing any golf on this trip. The one night stay includes dinner and breakfast the next day. Pinehurst is a nice little town for window shopping, as well. So, we'll just hang around there on Sunday.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and hopefully I'll have some reading to talk about next week. By the way, I have been keeping up with what everyone else is reading through your blogs. I'll be anxious to catch up with everyone who participates in Dewey's Read-a-thon when I get back.


Andi said...

Have a great time! Maybe your reading will shake out after some R&R.

Lisa said...

Andi, thanks! You're probably right. Have a good weekend!!

Jill said...

So sorry about your reading slump. I hope your little trip gets you back into the reading groove.

For what it's worth, I loved On Agate Hill, so stick with it! =)

Best wishes,

Literary Feline said...

Lisa, I hope things settle down for you soon and you start feeling better. I am glad you are finding comfort in knitting.

I am looking forward to reading The Graveyard book. It definitely sounds like a fun one.

Have a great time in Seagrove. My husband and I are planning to see The Secret Life of Bees tomorrow. I can't wait!

Dorothy W. said...

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm sure the desire for reading will come back.

Danielle said...

I hate reading slumps--usually reading is also where I turn to at times of stress, but sometimes the stress is just too much! I hope you're having a fun time away--it sounds like a nice town to visit!

Lisa said...

jill, thanks I know I'll love the book once I get into it. It's not the book, it's me.

literary feline, The Graveyard Book was great. I know you'll love it. I'm looking forward to seeing The Secret Life of Bees, as well. That was one of my top reads of the year last year. I think they've done a good job with casting. I think it'll be good.

dorothy,thanks I know it will. Reading is such a big part of my life that it's hard to understand when I get like this.

danielle, yep, stress sucks! We had a great time! Thanks.