Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catching Up

I had a really great extended weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. I guess I really shouldn't have to say that I ate way too much, but I did. I spent time with family and friends. I know it sounds silly, but I love it when everyone is home. Everyone may be doing their own thing, we may not do anything special, but I just love it when everyone is home. I didn't really do much of anything productive. I should have cleaned my house. I should have finished the two books that I need to read for book club meetings. But, I did get my Christmas tree up and decorated. I love Christmas, but I really don't like decorating. If I were a wealthy woman, I would pay someone to decorate my home for Christmas. But, alas, I'm a librarian. Oh well, enough rambling. While catching up on reading my favorite book blogs, I came across a couple of things I wanted to share with you. You may have already seen it, but here it is just in case. Enjoy!

I found this at Librarian.net and thought it was pretty neat. I'm not sure how I feel about destroying books for the sake of art, but I'm just going to assume that these were library books that were being weeded and were already damaged beyond repair. :)

Then I saw this at the Shifted Lbrarian. I love board games so I think this might be fun. Although, I can't ever talk anyone in my family into playing a board game with me. I read Pillars of the Earth as an undergrad in a Medieval England course that I was taking as a history major. I absolutely fell in love with it. In fact, I loved it so much that I sought out other books by Ken Follett and was disappointed to find that he hadn't written anything else like it -- until now. He has now published the sequel, World Without End. I can't wait to read this one. Like the first it is a rather lengthy tome so I think it may be an "over the Christmas break" book.

Finally, the New York Times has put out their annual list of the year's best reading. I like to look at it and see how many I've read and which ones I may want to read. It's also a good place to get ideas for Christmas gifts, as well.

Look for reviews of a few books coming in the next little while. My reading has slowed down quite a bit while I'm frantically trying to finish knitting some Christmas gifts, but I've managed to finish a couple things.


Bookgirl's Nightstand said...

Oh that's a great book. I need to add it to my Christmas wish list :)

I got to see a mini book exhibit when I was in Germany a couple of years ago and it was so cool.

Lisa said...

I would love to see a mini book exhibit. I love books that are out of the ordinary in their design as well as their content. I have always wanted to run across a book with a fore-edge painting.

Jill said...

Hi Lisa: Not sure if you participate in book challenges, but there is one set up for Notable Books that you may be interested in. The challenge is very flexible and a great way to get some of these books read.

I hope you're doing well and enjoying the holiday season!


Lisa said...

Hey Jill! I have actually signed up for a few challenges, but I'm failing miserably! I just can't seem to stick to a list. My moods change so frequently. I guess I am a hopeless random reader! I'm enjoying the holidays so far. I hope you are!