Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well, that pretty much sums up my life. I have several things that I want to share with everyone, but many of you may have already heard about them. But, I figured that I'd go ahead and post anyway because I think it's all worthy information.

First, I found a link yesterday on Lisa's blog regarding author Patry Francis who has been diagnosed with cancer just as she was set to promote her new book, The Liar's Diary. So the book world decided to promote her book for her. This is such a great idea, and it offers us (readers and bloggers) a way to give back to the authors who give us so much pleasure.

Next, I came across this at the New York Times this morning and thought I would pass it along. Title Page is a new literary program set to air in early March. The show "will feature a round-table discussion between Mr. Menaker, 66, a former fiction editor at The New Yorker, and a group of four authors. The first episode will be streamed online at on March 3. "

Finally, Not in Worldcat is a new blog devoted to works that aren't found in OCLC's union catalog, which contains records from over 60,000 libraries worldwide. This description is taken from the site.

" is the public face of the largest combined (or “union”) library catalog in the world. Library folks usually refer to it as OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). Currently OCLC/WorldCat catalogs over 1 billion items from over 60,000 libraries around the world. This blog is not affiliated with OCLC/Worldcat in any way. It’s just an outlet for one bookseller/librarian (me) to feature unusual, rare and interesting items that exist outside of WorldCat’s vast reach."


ravenous reader said...

What an appropriate post to notify you that you're one of the winners of my book giveaway for The Liar's Diary!

You can find my email address on my "about" page at Bookstack. If you'd email me a postal address, I'll send your book to you :)

jenclair said...

Thanks for the link to New York Times article about Title Page! This sounds really good, and I'm looking forward to the discussions.

Lisa said...

ravenous reader, thanks!!

jenclair, yeah I thought this looked really interesting. There was also an article in a local paper on Sunday. Hopefully, all the buzz is a good sign.