Monday, January 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Susan at Bloggin' Bout Books tagged me for this meme that has been making its rounds around the blogging community.

Which book do you irrationally cringe away from reading, despite seeing only positive reviews? The Road by Cormac McCarthy because it just seems very depressing and not at all like anything I normally like. However, people who have very similar tastes in reading have recommended it. But, I still keep putting it off.

If you could bring three characters to life for a social event (afternoon tea, a night of clubbing, perhaps a world cruise), who would they be and what would the event be? I'd like to have supper with Atticus and Scout Finch and Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird.

(Borrowing shamelessly from the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde): You are told you can't die until you read the most boring novel on the planet. While this immortality is great for awhile, eventually you realize it's past time to die. What book would you expect to get you a nice grave? Moby Dick -- I just can't get through it.

Come on, we've all been there. What book have you pretended, or at least hinted, that you've read, when in fact you've been nowhere near it?
Can't think of one.

As an addition to the last question, has there been a book you really thought you had read only to realize when you read a review about it/go to "reread" it that you haven't? Which book? O.K., this is horrible to admit, but -- Little Women

You're interviewing for the post of Official Book Advisor to some VIP (who's not a big reader). What's the first book you'd recommend and why? (If you feel like you have to know the person, go ahead and personalize the VIP) I don't care who it is, I would recommend To Kill a Mockingbird -- the greatest book of all time in my very humble opinion.

A good fairy comes and grants you one wish: you will have perfect reading comprehension in the foreign language of your choice. Which language do you go with? Wow, this is a tough one. Since I'm not fluent in any foreign language, there are too many to choose from. I guess maybe it would be French.

A mischievous fairy comes and says you must choose one book that you will reread once a year for the rest of your life (you can read other books as well). Which book would you pick? Sorry, this is becoming boring, I know. But to answer honestly, I would have to say To Kill a Mockingbird.

I know the book blogging community, and all its challenges, have pushed my reading borders. What's one "bookish" thing you discovered from book blogging (maybe a new genre, or author, or new appreciation for cover art - anything)?
Wow, another tough one. I can't honestly think of one particular thing. I find something new every day from reading all the wonderful book blogs out there. I guess one of the nicest things about it is finding others who share your passion for books and reading.

The good fairy is back for one final visit. Now, she's granting you your dream library! Describe it. Is everything leather bound? Is it full of first edition hardcovers? Pristine trade paperbacks? Perhaps a few favorite authors have inscribed their works? Go ahead - let your imagination run free.
The short answer would be -- I'll just take the library in the Biltmore House. If you've never been, you have to go. It is a book lover's dream. There are floor to ceiling windows on the back wall with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are leather sofas and cushioned arm chairs. The walls are lined with leather bound books and a ladder to help you reach the books on the upper shelves. Everything is done in rich burgundy and gold colors. There is a huge fire place. I could go on and on, but I'm starting to drool.

Now I'm supposed to tag four people to complete this meme.

Jen Clair




Have fun!


Jill said...

Hi, Lisa: Gasp, shock, gulp! You haven't read The Road! =) Actually, considering our common reading tastes, you may be slightly reassured that I loved that book. One of my top five last year. I was expecting something depressing too, but I walked away feeling full of hope. I hope you'll give it a try one day.

And I guess you really like To Kill A Mockingbird, huh?

=) Jill

Lisa said...

Jill, I'm glad to hear that you liked it so much. Maybe I will give it a try. I just haven't been motivated to read it for some reason. Yes, I guess my love affair with To Kill a Mockingbird is extremely transparent.

Danielle said...

I didn't read To Kill a Mockingbird until I was an adult and it is a truly wonderful book. I'm glad I finally got around to it! And I agree on the last answer. As I was reading the question I was thinking Biltmore, too. Isn't the house and the grounds absolutely stunning? Can you imagine living there? And yes, the library is divine!! Thanks for tagging me--I'll post my answers tomorrow.

Matt said...

You've got some very interesting answers!

I second your opinion on The Road, which I have put off indefinitely. I don't cringe at the thought of it. It's just because the book has been all over critics' radars and that shuts me off.

The one bookish thing about the book blogging community is that it makes me even more bookish. I have now maintained a separate book list based on book bloggers' recommendations.

One book to re-read every year and recommendation to VIP is The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Susan said...

I'm with you on The Road. I keep putting it off for some reason.

I've heard the Biltmore is amazing. Sounds like I will have to visit - just based on your description of its library!

Literary Feline said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is a wonderful book. I really need to reread it sometime.

I haven't yet read The Road, but I want to. I'm expecting to love it and I'm afraid I'll be disappointed since my expectations are so high.

I'm enjoying visualizing everyone's libraries, and I keep adding things to my own dream library as I read on. Yours sounds wonderful!

Nymeth said...

It seems that a great number of us can't get through Moby Dick! I just can't understand why that one is considered so great.

Picking To Kill a Mockingbird several times is not boring, it's wise.

Lisa said...

Danielle, I'm glad you liked to Kill a Mockingbird. It's actually the first book that I remember reading beyond Dr. Seuss. I've often dreamed of moving to Asheville and getting a job at Biltmore just so I can visit the library on a daily basis and get paid for doing it!

Matt, thanks. I've not read The Master and Margarita. You have me intrigued -- I'll have to try it.

Susan, if you ever get the chance, you have to go see it in person. My description doesn't do it justice!

Literary Feline, I'm beginning to feel like a wimp for not wanting to read The Road. I may have to give it a try. Since I don't expect to like it, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I know what you mean about fearing disappointment with a book that you think you will love. Oh, the perils of a bibliophile!

Nymeth, my husband is not a big reader, but he does read some nonfiction. He started Moby Dick and persevered for weeks before he finally gave it up. Frankly, I'm surprised it took him that long.

Jill said...

Lisa - I just tagged you with the Make My Day award. Come and see!

=) Jill

Tara said...

I have just the same feelings about The Road.

ravenous reader said...

Funny, just before coming here I read a review of The Road, and quite definitely decided it wasn't for me!

However, To Kill a Mockingbird is at the top of my best books bookstack. I would dearly love to be a fly on the wall of that tea party you described.

Lisa said...

Jill, You're so sweet! Thank you!!

Tara, thanks for letting me know. I was beginning to get the feeling that I was the only one.

Ravenous Reader, it sounds like we have very similar reading tastes!!

Matt said...

If you do tackle Master and Margarita, try to look for the translation by Professor Diane Burgin, which is available from Vintage. The Penguin Classics translation is a bit clunky. :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tip, Matt!